Eurythmy Therapy

The healing effect of Eurythmy was already known amongst the first eurythmists. Following nine more years of research and further development after the discovery of Eurythmy, Dr Steiner gave the first Eurythmy Therapy lecture to physicians and eurythmists in 1921. Eurythmy Therapy is closely linked to Anthroposophical Medicine, an extension of medicine based on natural science.

How does Eurythmy Therapy work?

According to the holistic anthroposophical view of the human being, we exist of a physical body with a living physiology (Life – or ether body, also called chi in Tai Chi, prana in Yoga), of a soul life and an individual-spiritual part, which are all interwoven and balanced. In a healthy human being, these “parts” work together as one, and we are not aware of this complex activity, unless we develop so called “symptoms”. If the physical body, life body (chi), soul and spirit do not work together harmoniously, we experience “dis-ease”.

With Eurythmy Therapy we can restore the harmonious interaction of the physical body, the life body, soul and spirit. Eurythmy Therapy is an intensified and modified form of eurythmy. It is a movement therapy, which in general supports coordination, a good sense of rhythm and balance as well as orientation in space and in one’s own body. Eurythmy Therapy strengthens our life forces and stimulates our self-healing capacities.

In Eurythmy Therapy, you engage in sound movements of our language (vowels & consonants), which are tailored to your individual condition or disease. Every sound, every movement has a different effect on the organism, some sounds and their related movements are calming, some are invigorating. Every sound resonates with specific organs or organ systems according to inherent laws. Therefore a large variety of diseases and conditions can be treated with Eurythmy Therapy.

Eurythmy Therapists undergo a training of 5 to 7 years and view illness or crisis as a unique possibility for transformation within the individual. The whole human being, consisting of body, soul and spirit is taken into consideration. If possible, a Eurythmy Therapist works closely together with an Anthroposophic physician, who is a fully trained medical doctor with additional training in Anthroposophic Medicine.

What to expect in a Eurythmy Therapy session?

A Eurythmy Therapy session lasts from 30 minutes for children to 55 minutes for adults. It begins with a conversation and an assessment of your situation. Following this, you will engage in specific combinations of Therapeutic Eurythmy movements tailored to your individual needs. During the rest time thereafter you allow the body to take in the nourishing and healing effect of the exercises. Children and adults after a Eurythmy Therapy session feel calmer, are more focused and feel positively enlivened and refreshed.

Conditions treated with Eurythmy Therapy (list is not exhausti


For children

  • allergies
  • asthma
  • anxiety
  • ADD and ADHD spectrum
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • bed wetting
  • difficulty to concentrate & focus
  • difficulties in the speech development
  • eating disorders
  • headaches, stomach aches
  • hyperactivity
  • orthopedic illnesses (scoliosis, “foot problems”)
  • problems with the second dentition and dental anomalies
  • strengthening the immune system
  • therapeutic eurythmy for the eyes

For adults

  • allergies
  • anxieties
  • arthritis
  • asthma
  • back pain
  • burn out
  • cancer
  • cardiac problems
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • digestive disorders
  • fatigue, sleep disorders
  • home office related challenges (exhaustion, eyes, posture and more)
  • multiple sclerosis, morbus parkinson, strokes
  • postural problems
  • strengthening the immune system
  • stress symptoms
  • therapeutic eurythmy for the eyes
  • women’s health issues

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