“I worked with Andrea due to a severe concussion, which I had for more than a year before we met. Andrea’s holistic approach to body and soul has been incredibly effective despite some skepticism on my end when we started. It has been fascinating to observe that my body has responded so positively, although my intellect has not always been able to understand this. The combination of different therapies and exercises has worked so efficiently that for the first time I believe that I’m healed from my concussion.”
Dorthe, Copenhagen/Denmark

“I am a long term client with Andrea. Her treatments for my arthritic hip allowed me to continue to work until I had my hip replaced. Then, after my surgery treatments with her deepened and supported my full recovery. Her treatments made all the difference for me. I’m very grateful.”
Patient, Seattle

“I have worked with Andrea over the past five years and used her wonderful services both, for myself and my children. She helped us with a variety of issues from crooked teeth, to bad posture, learning challenges and physical and emotional burnouts. No matter what the challenge was, her gentle approach has had lasting healing effects for me and my family.”
Patient, Seattle

“Finally, I understand why I had to do Eurythmy Therapy. Now I can focus in class and feel more confident. I told my sister to try this too.”
8th grade student, Seattle

“My weekly evening class in Eurythmy is uplifting and gives me strength for the week.”
Helga, Marktoberdorf/Germany

“I never felt so at ease and whole like after a Functional Integration lesson with Andrea.”
Angelika, Landsberg/Germany