“If you ever catch me complaining (not hard to do) just mention Andrea Preiss and I’ll immediately shut up, bashful at my forgetfulness, ever grateful to have a teacher as skillful as she is in gently guiding me to cut through my own bullshit with the razor’s edge of awareness. Her classes on Orcas have been a great blessing in my life. I’d recommend her to all.

A simple woman using simple yet sophisticated techniques to profound effect, she merely invites you to relax and check in with yourself, tuning into bodily sensations as you do various gentle movements. Her attentiveness to your comfort, the little reminders to be kind to yourself, the subtle hints that can make things click all of the sudden, it all creates an atmosphere conducive to the timeless teaching of present moment awareness. Nothing fancy, nothing special, and yet, by the end of every class I feel like I’m in a different body than the one that walked in, and a different mind too. It’s as if life goes from being a complex struggle to a simple pleasure all within just over an hour, a transformation that’s undeniably felt in both body and mind.

Are you cured permanently in one session, does the feeling last forever? No, but you’re given a sense of what is possible (namely, the ability to move through the world with ease and grace, to support yourself without having to tense up ever in life, to feel a sense of harmony with the outside world, with others and with Nature), and how easily accessible it can be if you work in the right way.

Andrea is humble about her role, but I’ll tell you this: she is here to serve the world in the highest of ways, to help us reconnect with the mysterious yet familiar force within that allows us to heal ourselves and rewire conditioned patterns of moving and thinking that cause us so much unnecessary pain and hardship. Go with an open mind and let her show you what you may have forgotten—how good it feels to be in your body.”
Patient, Orcas Island


“I worked with Andrea due to a severe concussion, which I had for more than a year before we met. Andrea’s holistic approach to body and soul has been incredibly effective despite some skepticism on my end when we started. It has been fascinating to observe that my body has responded so positively, although my intellect has not always been able to understand this. The combination of different therapies and exercises has worked so efficiently that for the first time I believe that I’m healed from my concussion.”
Dorthe, Copenhagen/Denmark


“I am a long term client with Andrea. Her treatments for my arthritic hip allowed me to continue to work until I had my hip replaced. Then, after my surgery treatments with her deepened and supported my full recovery. Her treatments made all the difference for me. I’m very grateful.”
Patient, Seattle


“I have worked with Andrea over the past five years and used her wonderful services both, for myself and my children. She helped us with a variety of issues from crooked teeth, to bad posture, learning challenges and physical and emotional burnouts. No matter what the challenge was, her gentle approach has had lasting healing effects for me and my family.”
Patient, Seattle


“Finally, I understand why I had to do Eurythmy Therapy. Now I can focus in class and feel more confident. I told my sister to try this too.”
8th grade student, Seattle