Welcome to Sound Movement

My name is Andrea and I was born in the South of Germany.

I am a physiotherapist, Feldenkrais practitioner, Eurythmist and Eurythmy Therapist.

Since I can remember, I love dancing and movement, and I have a deep interest in human development and health. I am passionate about supporting people with movement on their personal path to health. 

Physiotherapy gave me a good foundation for understanding anatomy and movement. But I’ve always been very interested in the interaction of body, life, soul and spirit. Therefore, I sought after alternative options. I am grateful for having found- and keep finding answers to my questions in the Feldenkrais Method and Eurythmy Therapy.

Let me share some personal experiences with these methods:

In my first Feldenkrais workshop in 1985, we worked with small but very effective movements. Through these attentive movements, I discovered connections in my body, I never experienced before. Afterward, I felt like a fine- tuned instrument. My mind became quiet and peacful and every activity that took place after a Feldenkrais session, e. g. running, or walking up and down the stairs or playing an instrument, was more fluent and easier.
I was eager to share this new approach to movement and learning with my patients and so I joined a professional Feldenkrais training.

At about the same time, I found Eurythmy and for me it was an experience of “coming home”. I learned about the elemental rhythm of contraction and expansion; a cosmic rhythm, but also a rhythm of every cell in our organism. We moved the sounds of speech, poetry and music and I learned that each vowel and consonant relates to a certain form of movement, each tone and interval has a related expression in space – what a fascinating world I entered! It was a life-changing experience.

Subsequently, I became a eurythmist and taught eurythmy classes for children and adults. The classes were joyful and the harmonizing and enlivening effect of the eurythmy movements were visible and tangible.

From there on, I wanted to deepen my understanding of the healing qualities of the sounds in movement and so I joined an Eurythmy Therapy training in USA. Here, I discovered how intimately interwoven the human organism is with the word and the related movements in space and how specific eurythmy movements work back into our organism in healing ways.

In the meantime, I live and work for many years with these movement methods. It is a path of continuous learning and new discoveries – a fascinating way of learning to live.

If you wish to actively engage in your healing process, or if you want to find a new balance in the one-sidedness of our western life style, I am happy to help you and your children with my experience with these movement remedies and with my inner presence and attention.

If you want to learn more about Feldenkrais, Eurythmy or Eurythmy Therapy please call or send me an email.

Life is movement, is rhythm, is eurythmy.

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